Capture of the Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII for the IK Multimedia ToneX. Includes two matched cabinet IRs!

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Capture of the unique voiced Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII, a master of all trades as the Rockerverb Series demonstrates better than anything else that a workhorse amp can be exactly that, a master of all trades. The original Rockerverb was actually Orange's first ever ‘high gain’ amplifier, with a unique voice that quickly became a firm favourite amongst the heavy crowd. However, its supreme versatility and dependability meant the series has been a mainstay for touring artists and session aces, both on the road and in the studio.

The Clean channel has been revoiced on the new MKIIIs for a more ‘chimey’ response, but still retains the warmth and vintage character of a non-master volume design. The new models now have even greater headroom than previous versions, whilst the valve driven spring reverb now has a more extensive range with a brighter trail. Add to this a host of other hidden refinements and you have the finest sounding and most feature-laden Rockerverb to date.

The original Rockerverb gained a cult following on account of its iconic high gain tones. The MKIIIs of course continue this tradition, but these amps are immensely flexible. The Dirty channel goes anywhere from clean to crunch to the very heaviest modern saturation, and always maintains outstanding clarity. The non-master volume Clean channel has been re-engineered to take on a more ‘sparkly’ and ‘crisp’ nature but with greater control through a revoiced two band EQ section. The MKIIIs have even greater headroom and volume in full power mode should you need it, but this can now be manipulated with the amp’s output power and Attenuator controls.

This preset can be used either with a Power Amp (or the FX Loop of an Amp) and a Cabinet or straight to an Audio Interface, PA Speakers or FRFR. If you intend to use a Power Amp and Cabinet, please turn OFF the pedal's CAB SIM. Includes both STUDIO and LIVE  NVA Matching Cabinet Impulse Responses. 

ALL INCLUDED CAPTURES ARE DI CAPTURES, meaning that you can either use them with your ToneX pedal and a power amp/cabinet or select any Stock Cab/IR of your choice when connected to FRFR/PA Speakers or Audio Interface (using either the ToneX pedal or the ToneX Plugin). Comes with a Orange PPC212V 2x12 IR and a Orange Signature #4 Jim Root PPC212 2x12 IR!

The captures for the Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII include:

  • Clean Channel, clean sound
  • Clean Channel, breakup sound
  • Dirty Channel, crunch sound, shape at 25%
  • Dirty Channel, crunch sound, shape at 50%
  • Dirty Channel, crunch sound, shape at 75%
  • Dirty Channel, distortion sound, shape at 0%
  • Dirty Channel, distortion sound, shape at 20%
  • Dirty Channel, distortion sound, shape at 40%
  • Dirty Channel, distortion sound, shape at 60%
  • Dirty Channel, distortion sound, shape at 80%
  • Dirty Channel, distortion sound, shape at 100%
  • Dirty Channel, distortion sound, boosted by Barber Tone Pump EQ

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IK Multimedia Tonex
Single Amp Capture
Gain Structure
>50 Watts
Tonex: 1.1.6
This preset bundle can only be used with the appropriate plugin. If you own a Tonex pedal, you need to import these using the Tonex plugin.
Yes, this pack includes custom IRs that work with the presets.