Capture of the Blackstar HT Stage 60 for the IK Multimedia ToneX. Includes two matched cabinet IRs!

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Capture of the inspiring Blackstar HT Stage 60, one of the most innovative amps of all time. Since the launch in 2010, HT Venue has become one of the world’s best-selling valve amp lines. HT Venue MkII takes this award-winning line and elevates it to a new level of professional performance, and adds every major enhancement that the market has requested; resulting in a massively flexible and powerful feature set, yet remains intuitive and musician-friendly. 

The clean channel of the HT Stage 60 features market leading clean tones, through huge improvements in both the pure quality and the flexibility, made possible by the addition of controls for bass, treble and a footswitchable Voice switch. In addition to the clean channel enhancements, players can expect richer, more complex overdrive tones from the drive channel(s) in HT Venue MkII. The drive channels are fuller and even more responsive than the original Venue series, and each overdrive channel features its own Voice switch. The high gain voices are tight and focused, drawing on the original award-winning HT Venue Series, while the mid-gain tones are perfect for those players who prefer “edge of breakup” tones.

This preset can be used either with a Power Amp (or the FX Loop of an Amp) and a Cabinet or straight to an Audio Interface, PA Speakers or FRFR. If you intend to use a Power Amp and Cabinet, please turn OFF the pedal's CAB SIM. Includes both STUDIO and LIVE  NVA Matching Cabinet Impulse Responses. 

ALL INCLUDED CAPTURES ARE DI CAPTURES, meaning that you can either use them with your ToneX pedal and a power amp/cabinet or select any Stock Cab/IR of your choice when connected to FRFR/PA Speakers or Audio Interface (using either the ToneX pedal or the ToneX Plugin). Comes with a Blackstar HT STAGE 60 212 Combo MkII IR and a Blackstar Series One 10 AE 1x12 Combo IR!

The captures for the Blackstar HT Stage 60 include:

  • Clean Channel, clean sound, voice 1
  • Clean Channel, clean sound, voice 2
  • Clean Channel, breakup sound, voice 1
  • Clean Channel, breakup sound, voice 2
  • Overdrive 1 Channel, crunch sound, voice 1
  • Overdrive 1 Channel, crunch sound, voice 2
  • Overdrive 1 Channel, overdrive sound, voice 1
  • Overdrive 1 Channel, overdrive sound, voice 2
  • Overdrive 2 Channel, distortion sound, voice 1
  • Overdrive 2 Channel, distortion sound, voice 2
  • Overdrive 2 Channel, distortion sound, boosted by Fulltone OCD
  • Overdrive 2 Channel, solo sound
  • Overdrive 2 Channel, solo sound, boosted by TC Electronic Spark

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Includes Impulse Responses from our Ultimate IR Pack

Captures of this Amp are also included in our Metal Pack

This Capture is part of our Modern Mayhem #1

IK Multimedia Tonex
Single Amp Capture
Gain Structure
>50 Watts
Tonex: 1.1.6
This preset bundle can only be used with the appropriate plugin. If you own a Tonex pedal, you need to import these using the Tonex plugin.
Yes, this pack includes custom IRs that work with the presets.