How do I make a purchase from the Store?

In order to make a purchase from our store, just follow our step-by-step guide. There are two payment methods: PayPal and Credit Card (Stripe gateway). If you have a coupon code, you need to first login by clicking on the small icon on the upper right using the same e-mail address. When placing an order, please check your spam/junk folder for the order confirmation e-mail (Please wait a few hours for free orders).

I made an order but I haven't received it

It's a rare issue that depending on your country, internet providers might block the download e-mail. In this case, just send us an e-mail at from the e-mail address that you placed the order and we will send you the download e-mail right away! If you have received the download e-mail but can't download the files, please temporarily disable your antivirus and try again.

Can I share or sell a purchased preset on the internet or any other platform?

When making a purchase from New Vintage Audio you automatically agree to our Terms of Use. It is prohibited to share or sell a preset you purchased as it is only meant for personal use. You are paying for the rights of using the preset for yourself only and are strictly forbidden from sharing them or making them available online either for free or for resale.

How many times can I download a preset once I purchase it?

You can download your purchased preset as many times as you want for 30 days from the purchase date and only from the download link that is in your order's confirmation e-mail.

I found a mistake in one of the presets I bought. What do I do?

If you find any kind of issue regarding a preset you bought, either a file is missing/damaged or the preset has a mistake that prevents it from sounding like it’s supposed to then please contact us at and report the issue to us as well as your account name and you will receive a free coupon for your next purchase as well as the fix to your purchased preset.

How do I know if my device or plugin is compatible with the products?

You can find the version used for the particular preset you are watching in the FAQ section or sometimes at the end of the preset's description if it's compatible for more than one device.

What is the site's Refund Policy?

Digital products cannot be returned or refunded in any case, but if you are unhappy with your product for any reason, please contact and we will do our best to resolve the issue or offer you a coupon. For more information please visit our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Can I be a part of New Vintage Audio as a Creator?

Yes, you can! If you really like creating presets for a multi-fx/modeler or a plugin of any type, please feel free to contact us at and send us any information regarding you [Full Name and Country/City are essential], the device/plugin you would like to work on as well as any links that display your appearance on social media or personal website. Knowledge and use of English language is essential.

Do I need to be a Guitarist/Bassist in order to join New Vintage Audio as a Creator?

As Michael Scott would say: No! God No! There are many multi-fx devices and processors that play other instruments (violin, keyboards, vocals) as well. Also there are almost infinite plugins for VST instruments like Superior Drummer, Addictive Keys, Cinematic Strings etc that do not have anything to do with Guitars or Basses.

There is not a preset for something specific I’m looking for. Can I make a request for it?

Yes you can! Just contact us at with your request and the device/plugin you want it for and we will give you a direct response to it. Don’t forget to mention if you prefer a particular Creator to make that preset for you and the connections/setup you currently use.