Modern Rock! preset bundle for the Archetype Nolly plugin

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Archetype Nolly - Modern Rock! is a preset pack geared towards players that play the heavier and more modern or progressive side of rock (Beartooth, Toska, Black peaks etc.) They are very aggressive and are perfect for any kind of brutal riffage.

HM-Nolly is a preset inspired by pedals like the superfuzz and HM2. It sounds huge and razor sharp. It works really well when blending with other guitars.

Low Gain Lead - Works best when used over clean parts. It is bright enough to fit alongside classic rock guitar sounds though so fiddle with the gain knob depending on the pickups and playing style.

Modern Lead - Very bright lead sound with tons of sustain. Designed to cut through a very busy mix while still retaining the low end. Use a post eq if needed to cut down on the harsh high mids in the 2khz to 4 khz range if they are not needed.

Plastic Clean - A great clean sound without a cab. Sounds very crystal clear, maybe even a bit too much for some people's taste. In this case turn down the tone knob on the guitar or the treble knob on the amp.

Pod rhythm - Think of the line 6 pod HD era and when all modern rock and metal recordings were created with it. This is what the ideal version of it should sound like. A classic sound that sounds great for metal-core, radio rock and even djent if you have nice tight pickups. This sound is a bit more mid scooped.

Tosky rhythm - A patch based on Toska. The guitar player is Rabea Massaad and he is well known for using Archetype Nolly (especially the cab section for his guitar demos). The tone is very similar to his Amp and cab setup. The channel 2 in Victory super kraken amp is based on a peavey 5150 which is coincidentally the third amp in this plugin. I tried to match the cab settings as close to the toska guitar tone as possible. This sound is a bit more mid boosted.

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Archetype Nolly
Gain Structure
Archetype Nolly: 2.0
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