Mix Ready preset bundle for the Archetype Gojira & Parallax plugins

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Archetype Gojira & Parallax – Mix Ready  is a carefully constructed collection of mix ready presets designed to work with two parallax presets. These presets should work with the typical style of mixing popularized by modern progressive bands. Don’t be afraid to tweak the presets and to use post processing!

Distorted rhythm - The main rhythm guitar preset. Tight. Punchy. Open and clear.

Many hours were spent on looking for the optimal mic position in combination with the in built EQ. In the end the result is a tight, aggressive rhythm tone that doesn’t have ice picky high mids and has enough sizzle and brightness to cut through the typical busy modern metal mix.

Ambient Lead - A washed out lead sound. Ambient. Wide. Spacious

This is a stereotypical background lead guitar patch used commonly in modern metal productions to often give more space during a chorus or clean part.

Less - Ambient Lead - A less washed out lead sound.

Based on the Ambient Lead preset but with less fuzziness, reverb and delay. Works great but a post eq could be used after the plugin to make it pop out more depending on the mix.

Plinayy Lead - Heavily inspired by Plini. Expressive. Moody. Soft

This is the most Expressive patch in the collection. It responds very well to the volume knob on your guitar. It is best used on clean parts since it sounds very dark but it can simply become brighter by turning up the high knob on the amp. It has seemingly infinite sustain and notes simply jump out of the fretboard. Very fun to play with!

Milton cleans - The classic djent clean guitar sound. Ambient. Glassy. Crystal. Clear

Milton cleans were popularized by the djent groups like Monuments and Tesseract in the 2010s. This type of patch works very well in a busy mix and can always be heard. It doesn’t use a cab which makes it sound crystal clear. I suggest using an aggressive compressor before the amp to make it sound closer to the beloved djent records from the 2010s. This preset works very well with a tone knob and some single coil pickups.

This preset pack also contains two parallax presets that fit with the guitar presets. Depending on the song you might need to lower the low frequencies so that the kick drum can be heard well!

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Archetype Gojira
Gain Structure
Modern Metal
Archetype Gojira: 1.0
Archetype Parallax: 2.0.1
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