LOG & Sacrament preset bundle for the Archetype Abasi plugin

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Archetype Abasi - LOG is a preset pack that aims to recreate the sounds of the famous American metal band Lamb of God. Their guitar sound on ashes of the wake and sacrament have influenced thousands of groups. These two iconic albums have a signature tone that has been replicated through eq matching and careful post processing.

Ashes of the wake lo fi - This is the lo fi rhythm guitar sound from the album. Works great for intros or breaks

Ashes of the wake - This preset recreates the guitar tone from ashes of the wake. It is tight, bright and aggressive. Hours of eq matching, comparing and tweaking went into making this preset which is the reason why someone would buy this preset pack. It sounds identical to the record and it is a joy to play along with.

LOG lead - Their lead sound hasn’t changed much between the albums. This is a sound that will fit with that style of playing. It has a lot of gain and some nice pick attack to cut through a mix.

Memento Mori clean - A clean preset similar to the one they use in the beginning of their song memento mori. Works very well with single coils.

Sacrament preset - This preset is built to sound like the rhythm guitar preset from their album sacrament. Getting the exact tone is hard but not impossible. It took a couple of hours to match it close enough to some isolated guitar tracks from their producer pack.

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Archetype Abasi
Gain Structure
Modern Metal
Archetype Abasi: 1.1.0
This preset bundle can only be used with the appropriate plugin.
Yes, there is one custom IR included in this preset bundle!