Worship Bundle VI bundle preset for the Headrush Gigboard/Pedalboard & Prime/Core. Also compatible with the MX5 (except for some footswitch assignments)

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Show up at the praise party at church and your worship records armed with this pack from NVA with four worship rigs bound to nail your desired worship tones. All rigs are compatible with all Headrush guitar multi effect devices. The rigs and stomp settings are below.
* Cannot be accessed on the MX5
**  Cannot be accessed on the MX5 and Gigboard


JORDAN is a dual amp worship rig. IRs used: NVA PRINCE 1X12 - C-REX, NVA HOT ROD 1X12 - A-TYPE
There is one scene and four stomps

  • OD1 - Toggle 1st overdrive on or off
  • OD2 - Toggle 2nd overdrive on or off
  • LNG~SHRT - Dual scene to change between a long delay and big reverb and shorter ones
  • CHORUS - Stomp to toggle chorus on and off *
  • VIBRATO - Toggle amp vibrato on or off **

PSALMIST is a single amp rig on the edge of breakup. IR used: NVA TWIN 2X12 - C12K.
Six stomps and one scene are in the hardware assign.

  • BOOST - Toggle Boost on and off
  • OD - Toggle OD on and off
  • SOD - Toggle the Super OD on and off
  • ±DELAY - Dual scene to change length of the delays *
  • OCTAVA - Engage the octaver on or off * **
  • TREMOLO - Toggle the amp tremolo * **
  • VIBE - Toggle the vibe on or off * **

GILEAD is single amp rig with ambient settings. IR used: NVA AC30TBR 2X12 - FANE
There are four stomps and one scene in the hardware assigns

  • SM±BG - Dual scene to toggle the size of the delays and reverbs
  • BOOST - Toggle the boost
  • OD - Toggle the overdrive
  • AMB - ambient scene *
  • TREMOLO - Toggles amp tremolo **

JERICHO is a lead style rig. IR used: NVA JCM 4X12 - G12T-75
There are six stomps and one scene in this rig

  • BOOST - Toggle the boost on or off
  • OD - Toggle overdrive on or off
  • 4±.8 - Dual scene to change between quarter and dotted eighth delays *
  • EQ BOOST - An overall volume and EQ boost to all the rigs **
  • CHORUS - Toggle Chorus on and off * **
  • TREMOLO - Toggle amp tremolo on or off * **
  • SHRT DEL - Scene for small delay * **

This preset pack works best when played straight into a mixer, audio interface or FRFR speakers in stereo.


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Includes Impulse Responses from our Ultimate IR Pack

Gain Structure
Headrush: v2.5.0
This preset pack works best when played straight into a mixer, audio interface or FRFR speakers in stereo.
Yes, there are two custom IRs from our Ultimate IR Pack included in this preset!