Worship Bundle III bundle preset for the Headrush Gigboard/Pedalboard & Prime/Core. Also compatible with the MX5 (except for some footswitch assignments)

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This is the third collection of worship presets from New Vintage Audio.
In here you have one pad rig, a lead focused, rhythm guitar focused and lastly an acoustic guitar rig for the Headrush line of products. The pack also contains three matched IRs for the amps being used.
Each rig has various scenes for different use scenarios. However due to the Ctrl layout of each Headrush product, not every scene is accessible.
* Cannot be accessed on the MX5
**  Cannot be accessed on the MX5 and Gigboard


SHARON is a lead rig with scenes for both clean and drives. There are eight (8) scenes in all. IR used: Celestion Creamback

  • CLN+DLY - Clean with delay scene
  • CLN+AMB - Ambient Clean scene
  • LEAD - Lead scene
  • SOLO - Same as the Lead scene but with a slight EQ and Volume boost *
  • LEAD AMB - Lead Scene but with ambience **
  • DRIVE - Dirty scene with less gain than the LEAD scene **
  • DRIVE AMB - Drive scene with ambience **
  • RIFF - Scene with gain but less delays and reverbs. Ideal for Riffs **

MANNA is a clean amp with delays. IR used: Combo IR. Four gain scenes exist within this rig.

  • CLEAN - Clean
  • GAIN 1 - Gain stage 1
  • GAIN 2 - Gain stage 2
  • GAIN 3 - Gain stage 3 *

CHARIOT OF FIRE is an ambient pad rig. IR used: AC30 2x12 - Alnico Blue.

  • OCTAVE - Toggle octaves in the pad
  • SHIMMER - Toggle the Shimmer on or off
  • FILTER - Toggle the filter on or off

UNPLUGGED is an acoustic rig. IR used: XTC 2x8 Coax

  • GRAPH EQ - Toggle the Eq on or off
  • AIR DEL - Toggle the delay on or off
  • MULTI-C - Toggle the Chorus on or off
  • DOUBLER - Toggle stereo depth *

This preset pack works best when played straight into a mixer, audio interface or FRFR speakers in stereo.


*Any use of third party trademarks, logos, mentioned brand names, products and services is only referential and New Vintage Audio hereby disclaims any Sponsorship, Affiliation or Endorsement of or by any such third party. This is a digital file. Items shown in product images are not included.

Includes Impulse Responses from our Ultimate IR Pack

This preset is part of the Worship MEGAPACK

Gain Structure
Headrush: v2.5.0
This preset pack works best when played straight into a mixer, audio interface or FRFR speakers in stereo.
Yes, there are three custom IRs from our Ultimate IR Pack included in this preset!