String Quartet multi preset for the Line 6 HX Effects

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The String Quartet preset makes perfect use of the NVA Orchestral IRs combined with the Helix effects. It is meant to be used with a guitar or bass, but feel free to experiment with other instruments too. Make your guitar WEEP and SHRILL like an instrument from a String Orchestra! Transform the… conventional tone of your electric guitar (or even bass) to that of a Double Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin or Fiddle with specially-tailored Impulse Responses and add an orchestral touch to your music. 

The presets are organized in the best convenient way. The String Quartet preset has all 4 options that can be changed using the Snapshots while the other 4 single presets give you a few empty blocks in order to add more effects. Presets/Snapshots are Soft, Hard, Synth and Soft Synth.

This preset includes 5 LIVE and 5 STUDIO IRs from our NVA Orchestral IR Pack, all from the Vintage variation. If you like this preset you can also get the Orchestral IR Pack that includes 30 LIVE and 30 STUDIO IRs in 3 variations(Modern, Vintage, Retro) of the following instruments:
- Contrabass (Double Bass)
- Cello
- Viola
- Violin
- Fiddle

LIVE IRs are more suitable for live gigs, rehearsals or loud volume in general. They are designed to give a great "amp in the room" feel and will behave like a tube amp (thin at lower volumes but full and round at higher volumes).

STUDIO IRs are more suitable for recording or playing at bedroom level through nearfield speakers or headphones. They are designed to give a balanced tone that also cuts through the mix. They already have Low/High cut filters applied on them so that they are plug n' play.


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Includes Impulse Responses from our Orchestral IR Pack

Gain Structure
All Genres
HX Effects: 2.82
This preset can be used in front of amp, FOH or in 4-cable method.
Yes, this preset includes 5 custom IRs from the NVA Orchestral IR Pack!