Nashville Bass Pack Volume 2 bundle preset for the Line 6 HX Stomp & Helix/Native

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To say that Nashville has changed lately is sort of an understatement. The growth and transformation has happened almost overnight, and with the influx of people from all over the world, a music evolution is underway. Sure, Nashville has country music, (which itself has seen fiddles being replaced by 808 machines) and the city is becoming widely known for a super wide path of music from rock, pop, R&B, and even metal tracks are permeating studio walls.

The Nashville Bass Pack Volume II Pop Rock Edition brings a wide range of tones to your HX Stomp and HELIX platforms. The breakdown is pretty simple yet complex, and can get dialed in for all kinds of studio and live applications. Pair this pack with the original Nashville Pack (which has been used on a great number of record releases since its introduction), and you'll have enough bass ammo to rule the world.

The categories:


5 distinct presets with 3 snapshots each. Each one has a little something special wrapped inside, whether a flange or a little dirt to make the bass really stand out on a track.


Ocean Way is a temple of a recording studio (housed in a former church), and fondly where I had my first major label session (on the same day I signed my apartment lease upon moving to town). Studio A is inspirational to say the least, and it is always a treat to be in that building.

These three presets are designed to get big fat bass tone for rock, country, and pop sessions, as well as a vintage-inspired preset to give the old school producers something to smile about. 

(This pack is not affiliated with Ocean Way nor was Ocean Way compensated to be mentioned in this description. They do have a great break room, however).


OK, just saying the word 'rock' is waaaaay to vague these days. With more and more musicians coming to Nashville from LA and New York (and from all points around the globe, really), rock is truly alive and kicking in Music City.These 5 presets (with 3 snapshots each) are fairly adventurous, with the titles being an homage to our new friends relocating here from around the globe.


I am a sucker for a great vintage bass strung with flatwounds. This standalone preset was designed for vintage vibe to be used on a modern track

These presets are both for Helix & the HX Stomp, organized in different folders, for your convenience!There are no IR's included in this pack, and of course I encourage you each to salt and pepper your presets to individual taste/application/bass used.Again, we are not affiliated with any Nashville businesses aforementioned in any way.


*Any use of third party trademarks, logos, mentioned brand names, products and services is only referential and New Vintage Audio hereby disclaims any Sponsorship, Affiliation or Endorsement of or by any such third party. This is a digital file. Items shown in product images are not included.

This is the 2nd Volume (Pop/Rock edition) of the Nashville Bass Pack. For Volume I click here.

Gain Structure
HX Stomp: 3.1
Helix: 3.1
This preset can be used either when connected to a PA console / Audio interface / FRFR speaker or to a cabinet.
No, there is no custom IR included with the preset(s) although you may download and use our free IR!