Nashville Bass Pack bundle preset for the Line 6 HX Stomp & Helix/Native

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The Nashville Bass Pack has been designed for easy navigation and flexibilty, giving bass players and producers great tones for a wide range of applications. There are 5 'groups' of tones, each with their own take on the town of Nashville. From straight-ahead studio tones to indie rock dirt, the Nashville Pack has a little something for everyone.

Unique to the Helix, the patches are routed symmetrically to both the XLR and 1/4" outputs. This is so one can route the XLR to FOH or a recording console, and the 1/4" can be routed to a powered cab or amp. On each patch you will find the pedals assigned symmetrically as well so you can toggle EQ's, compression, or cabs according to your needs. This setup keeps your tone unchanged for the engineer, and allows adjusting for your vibe on stage or in the studio. Complete flexibilty.


'The Blackbird' - These 4 presets have the high-end recording studios in mind, giving big, round tones with a little dirt thrown in.

'The East Side' - Capturing the Indie/hipster/garage vibe with these, unsual cabs and amps are paired up for vibey tones. Add your favorite effect for a new direction.

'Hot Chicken' - The secret to really good hot chicken is just enough heat to enjoy the ride. Ranging from Mild to XXX hot, these presets are a midrange OD bass blend of heat and tone. Pepper to taste.

'Green Hills' - This section of town is more refined, as are these presets. Plug in for the jazz brunch, the wedding, and the piano bar gig with these. Tones were constructed with vintage hollow bodies to modern actives for full range.

"Lower Broadway' - This *Bonus* preset is the all-in-one setting, which is a necessity on Lower Broadway. It is called Music City for a reason, and on Lower Broad, one may have to play 6 different styles in a night. This preset has you covered, even if you don't play Lower Broadway.

These presets are both for Helix & the HX Stomp, organized in different folders, for your convenience!

There are no IRs in this pack. Add those to your liking.

Not associated with any Nashville businesses or entities in any way.


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Gain Structure
HX Stomp: 2.92
Helix: 2.92
This preset can be used either when connected to a PA console / Audio interface / FRFR speaker or to a cabinet.
No, there is no custom IR included with the preset(s) although you may download and use our free IR!