This IR Pack contains 105 impulse responses of a great power amp and cabinet combination: Mesa boogie 2:90 Simul Class with a 4x12 Mesa Traditional cabinet.

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This IR Pack contains 105 impulse responses of a great power amp and cabinet combination: Mesa boogie 2:90 Simul Class with a 4x12 Mesa Traditional cabinet. This combination is captured with three basic microphones, the classic SM57, the Dynamic D421 and the Royer 121

Now here is what is wonderful about this pack… You don’t  need to search among thousands of IRs to find “the one”. Every IR is carefully selected so as to sound perfect on its own and in combination with other IRs. There are also Mix IRs for less search of sonic greatness and this is what I recommend for plug and play situation. Furthermore, these IRs are captured with the monstrous Mesa 2:90 Simul Class power amp, providing depth and presence without being fuzzy or trebly. They are crafted to provide as fat sound as it could get in order to conquer in recording or in live situations. 

There are 4 Folders of IRs, the COMP, COMP-EXTRA BASS, RAW and STELIOS SELECTION.

  • The COMP folder provides more compressed tone suitable for preamps or distortion with massive, uncontrollable tone 
  • The Raw folder opens up the sound providing more body in thin sounding preamps or distortion pedals, giving a more raw, amp in the room feeling. After all, not all digital modelers have the same approach on replicating amps. 
  • COMP-EXTRA BASS is a selection of IRs which have a compressed and bassy sound, suitable for small speakers or headphones lacking bass.
  • STELIOS SELECTION is a collection of my own IRs collected from various Amps using the  Mesa Trad V30 cab. In this folder you will find IRs captured with other Amps such as Mesa Mark Iv, V, IIc and JP2C.                                  

This IR Pack is suitable for all digital modelers or plugins.


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