Capture of the Marshall JCM800 (+Modded) for the IK Multimedia ToneX. Includes two matched cabinet IRs!

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Capture of the legendary Marshall JCM800 2203. The 1980s were a gloriously decadent decade in the world of hard rock/heavy metal, and one amp ruled the roost on both sides of the pond — the Marshall JCM800 2203. Nothing embodies the essence of Marshall's legendary tone than the JCM800 2203 guitar amplifier head. 

With just one channel, a 3-band EQ for tone shaping, and 100-watts of power, you've got everything you need to pound out classic tones from crunchy blues to screaming leads and beyond. The head with 100 W master volume is still a sound reference number one, when it comes to honest, open and audible overtones leadsound. Moreover, the JCM800 is a model well known to have been modded numerous times in order to adapt to different occasions and styles. The iconic Brown sound converts to the new "modern" standards of each era, providing more gain, deeper bass and  increased harmonic detail & complexity!

This preset can be used either with a Power Amp (or the FX Loop of an Amp) and a Cabinet or straight to an Audio Interface, PA Speakers or FRFR. If you intend to use a Power Amp and Cabinet, please turn OFF the pedal's CAB SIM. Includes both STUDIO and LIVE  NVA Matching Cabinet Impulse Responses. 

ALL INCLUDED CAPTURES ARE DI CAPTURES, meaning that you can either use them with your ToneX pedal and a power amp/cabinet or select any Stock Cab/IR of your choice when connected to FRFR/PA Speakers or Audio Interface (using either the ToneX pedal or the ToneX Plugin). Comes with a Marshall AVT412A 4x12 IR and a Marshall 1960AV JCM Slash 4x12 IR!

The captures for the Marshall JCM800 (+Modded) include:

  • Low Gain Sensitivity, clean sound
  • Low Gain Sensitivity, crunch sound
  • High Gain Sensitivity, overdrive sound
  • High Gain Sensitivity, distortion sound
  • High Gain Sensitivity, distortion sound, boosted by Fulltone OCD
  • High Gain Sensitivity, solo sound
  • Low Gain Sensitivity, breakup sound (Modded)
  • Low Gain Sensitivity, crunch sound (Modded)
  • Low Gain Sensitivity, overdrive sound (Modded)
  • High Gain Sensitivity, distortion sound (Modded)
  • High Gain Sensitivity, distortion sound, boosted by Proco Rat 2 (Modded)

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Includes Impulse Responses from our Ultimate IR Pack

This Capture is part of our Marshalls Pack

This Capture is part of our Classic Vintage #2

IK Multimedia Tonex
Single Amp Capture
Gain Structure
>50 Watts
Tonex: 1.1.6
This preset bundle can only be used with the appropriate plugin. If you own a Tonex pedal, you need to import these using the Tonex plugin.
Yes, this pack includes custom IRs that work with the presets.