HX FX Direct bundle preset for the Line 6 HX Effects

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The NVA HX FX Direct bundle consists of 4 Presets with 4 Snapshots for each, enabling the HX FX user to be able to connect to an Audio Interface or FRFR/PA Speakers without the need of a preamp (or amp sim). There are different presets for Live and Studio use.

Snapshots are different gain stages while the first 3 footswitches are assigned to turn on/off Compressor, Delay and Reverb Blocks. The rest footswitches are assigned to turn on/off the Drive blocks for multiple stacking.

There are also Stand-Alone presets that have a specific gain stage so that the rest of the snapshots can be used for turning on/off effects and make room for more effect blocks.

You can choose between our NVA Custom Alnico IR and our NVA Custom V30 IR (LIVE for the LIVE presets and STUDIO for the REC presets) which are both included.

EXP Pedal 1 is assigned to control the Delay and Reverb mix settings (Delay and Reverb blocks need to be turned on first using the footswitches).

Presets have a Noise Gate at the start of the chain, disable/adjust if needed.

These presets are meant to be used without a preamp or amp sim and can be combined with our FX Library for best results!

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HX Effects: 2.82
These presets are meant to be used without a preamp or amp sim and can be combined with our FX Library for best results:

Yes, there are two custom IRs included with the preset(s)!