Capture of Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator into a Fender Dual Showman Reverb for the IK Multimedia ToneX. Includes an acoustic IR!

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Capture of the transforming Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator going into the preamp of a Fender Dual Showman Reverb. Transform the sound of your electric guitar into a beautiful acoustic without the need of changing guitars. Although the acoustic sim effect in general works better with single coil pickups, by increasing the Top control of the AC-2 you can achieve satisfying results even for thick humbuckers! By selecting one of the four different modes, you can get a broad variety of distinct acoustic sounds that can best fit to your playing style and situation.

Best used for finger-picking, this is the sound of a dreadnought-type acoustic guitar that's widely considered to be a classic standard. It can also be used as a subtle acoustic effect that retains your electric guitar's middle frequencies, making it sound "semi-acoustic".

This is an acoustic guitar with a body that is bigger than standard, causing the bass sound to be more rich and powerful while. The root and composition sounds are well balanced in this mode, making it ideal for playing chords.

The best mode for playing solos. With a more responsive attack, this acoustic guitar type will retain more of its prominence and clarity in almost any situation. Even in band ensembles, this remarkably expansive sound is never buried amongst other instruments.

This simulates the sound you would get from a pickup installed on an electric-acoustic guitar. During the attack, a certain amount of compression will be applied.

This preset can be used either with a Power Amp (or the FX Loop of an Amp) and a Cabinet or straight to an Audio Interface, PA Speakers or FRFR. If you intend to use a Power Amp and Cabinet, please turn OFF the pedal's CAB SIM. Includes both STUDIO and LIVE  NVA Matching Cabinet Impulse Responses. 

ALL INCLUDED CAPTURES ARE DI CAPTURES, meaning that you can either use them with your ToneX pedal and a power amp/cabinet or select any Stock Cab/IR of your choice when connected to FRFR/PA Speakers or Audio Interface (using either the ToneX pedal or the ToneX Plugin). Comes with a UltraSound XTC 2x8 IR!

The captures for the Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator include:

  • Standard Mode
  • Standard Mode, More Top
  • Jumbo Mode
  • Jumbo Mode, More Top
  • Enhance Mode
  • Enhance Mode, More Top
  • Piezo Mode
  • Piezo Mode, More Top

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Includes Impulse Responses from our Ultimate IR Pack

This Capture is part of our Pedals Pack #2

IK Multimedia Tonex
Single Amp Capture
Tonex: 1.1.6
This preset bundle can only be used with the appropriate plugin. If you own a Tonex pedal, you need to import these using the Tonex plugin.
Yes, this pack includes custom IRs that work with the presets.