26 Jun

The Line 6 HX Effects is the best way to have amazing sound and keep the budget relatively low at the same time. Combine it with a combo amp or a preamp and an IR (or check our FREE Custom IR Pack) and you got yourself about all the effects you’re going to need in a compact and quality sounding unit. Moreover, the HX Effects has great versatility and can give you almost all the options you ever going to need like MIDI control, parallel routing, FX Loops (4CM/7CM), expression pedal control, amp switching etc. The ability to fully control your signal flow chain, like putting the delay before the drive and the compression last in the chain, gives you a whole new perspective and lets you create from different tone to bizarre sounds that will make you sound unique.

What is most impressive about the HX Effects is that it has the same effects as the Line 6 Helix, a unit whose price is much higher than the HX Effects. This sounds too good, and it is true! Also, you get to use the HX Edit which is a really easy to use software and you are always advised to do so as it will make editing much much easier, and your life too. If you are between a Helix and a HX Effects there are only a few things to consider regarding features. What are the main things you don’t have in comparison to the Helix?

  • 4 Snapshots instead of 8 per preset
  •  There is no Amp Modelling in HX Effects (that’s why you are going to need a preamp)
  • Maximum 9 effect blocks instead of 32 per preset
  • There is not much versatility if you want to use it stereo. You can do basic things but not as advanced as with the helix
  • No Expression pedal (buy one!)


Personally, I think the Amp Modelling in Helix is sometimes good but not great. If you plan to use it with an IR or a FRFR cab then of course it is one of the best options right now. But if you plan to combine it with an amp or a preamp then the HX Effects is much better for the price. That’s why you are going to find an FX Loop always in the effect blocks of our presets. Also it shows you what position in the signal flow the preamp is supposed to be for the given preset. The FX Loop 1 of the HX Effects is selected for this so you should remember to always leave it ON as your guitar will go straight to the power amp if you don’t. There are a few times when you can utilize this, mostly creating weird sounds but most times you are going to think that your tone sucks if you turn the FX Loop OFF.

Another important thing to consider is an expression pedal. Before you buy one better contact the Line 6 Support or the expression pedal’s manufacturer as there are some expression pedals that are not supported by the HX Effects (you should do that before buying any expression pedal that you might want to connect with a multi-fx unit). Most presets give you more options while using an expression pedal shaping the sound unexpectedly too!

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