22 Jun

The Korg AX3000G is an extremely versatile and unique sounding multi-fx that some may consider as “old technology”. Its unique and original features though will at least intrigue you. If you ever stumble upon one, take it, and thank me later.

The Korg AX3000G is old technology, and there is its only true “weakness”. If you’re looking for a multi-fx with a really clean/transparent sound or one that has some nice amp simulations then you are definitely looking at the wrong place. Even if you don’t use its amp simulations and use only its effects connected to your amp’s FX Loop, it alienates your tone so much that you’re going to be disappointed. But that is why it’s not to be used that way and there are some things about the Korg AX3000G that you will fall in love with.

First of all, it is meant to go straight to the input of your amp. Don’t expect ultra-realistic amp sounds but some of them are not bad though. Try a Boutique OD with a 1X12 Tweed Cabinet for example, you’ll be surprised by the results. There has been years since the day I tried this combination and I’m still trying to find a sound similar to this one from a real amp. Let’s go to its unique sounds though. The Korg AX3000G offers some great sounds:

  • Step Sequencer. A truly amazing feature that will make you guess why it isn’t in more modern and even more expensive multi-fx. The Step Sequencer lets you automatically control a parameter like an expression pedal does except that you don’t have to control it with your foot. It’s done automatically at a chosen speed. If you ever felt that this feature is missing from more modern multi-fx then you need to buy a whole new pedal for this feature (EHX 8 Step-Program or Korg Sq-1)
  • Synth sounds. Although the Synth is not great as a sound, there is a “Sensitivity” setting which makes this feature unique. Turn it all the way up and you can make your guitar sound like the cry of an otherworldly creature
  • Autowah is amazing and ultra-responsive
  • There’s an effect called “Drone” which supposedly makes your guitar sound like a sitar. Even that’s not gonna happen in a good way, you can get a cool exotic sound with extreme settings
  • Noise Reduction is very, very good
  • Rotary is quite good, without mudding your sound
  • Random Filter is a great effect creating liquid and computer like sounds
  • The Filtron is a must have. You are going to love this effect if you combine it with the expression pedal
  • The Delays are quite good, giving you lots of options. The Rhythm delay is really advanced for the era
  • There are some really nice reverbs, like Bounce, Canyon and Arena which were really innovative for the era and can really give your sound a whole new perspective
  • The Control footswitch-feature will give you some special options like Tap Tempo, Hold Delay, Freeze, and Step Sequencer control
  • The Tuner is one of the best I ever had. Well, it’s a Korg so that’s not a surprise

In conclusion, the Korg AX3000G offers some really cool and unique sounds because it didn’t try to sound exactly like pedals. This device has a personality of its own and even if you don’t use it as your main sound, you could always get some effects that you will find nowhere else.

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