Vox AC50 NAM Pack preset bundle for the Neural Amp Modeler

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The legend, Vox AC50 is now available as a Complete NAM pack! One of the most iconic amp with the roots in the 50's and 60's is now digitally captured using some of the best analogue gear.

18 high quality captures done with high end studio equipment.

The Vox AC50 NAM Pack includes captures ranging from Clean to edge of break up to some serious gain! My personal YouTube IR that I use in my demos are also included.

The pack contains:


  • VOX AC50 Capture 1 G6-7 T6-7 M11 B6 TC0 V10
  • VOX AC50 Capture 2 G6-7 T6-7 M11 B6 TC0 V10 TS808
  • VOX AC50 Capture 3 G6-7 T6-7 M11 B6 TC0 V10 TS808 Full
  • VOX AC50 Capture 4 G10 T6 M4 B7 TC0 TS808
  • VOX AC50 Capture 5 G10 T6 M4 B7 TC3 TS808
  • VOX AC50 Capture 6 G5 T6 M4 B7 TC4
  • VOX AC50 Capture 7 G5 T6 M4 B7 TC4 Hot Send
  • VOX AC50 Capture 8 Clean CH1 G3 T4 M3 B8 TC5.5
  • VOX AC50 Capture 9 EDGE G4 T6 M7 B6 TC3.5
  • VOX AC50 Capture 10 EDGE G4 T7.5 M7 B6 TC5
  • VOX AC50 Capture 11 EDGE G2.5 T6.5 M6 B7 TC5
  • VOX AC50 Capture 12 G3.5 T6.5 M6 B7 TC5
  • VOX AC50 Capture 13 G5 T6.5 M6 B7 TC5
  • VOX AC50 Capture 14 Treble Booster G5 T4 M5.5 B6 TC2
  • VOX AC50 Capture 15 Treble Booster G6 T4 M5.5 B6 TC2 FAT
  • VOX AC50 Capture 16 Treble Booster G4 T4 M5.5 B6 TC5 FAT
  • VOX AC50 Capture 17 Treble Booster G4 T4 M7.5 B5.5 TC3.5
  • VOX AC50 Capture 18 Treble Booster G3 T4 M7.5 B5.5 TC3.5

G = Gain
B = Bass
M = Middle
T = Treble
TS808 = Tube Screamer Boost


  • Emil Rohbe YouTube IR 44.1K, Custom mix between vintage pre rola greenbacks and V30 44.1K
  • Emil Rohbe YouTube IR 48K, Custom mix between vintage pre rola greenbacks and V30 48K


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Neural Amp Modeler
Gain Structure
NAM: 0.5.0
This preset bundle can only be used with the appropriate plugin.
Yes, this pack includes custom IRs that work with the presets.