Ultimate Bass Vol.2 bundle preset for the Line 6 HX Stomp & Helix/Native

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The Ultimate Bass Bundle Vol.2 is the continuation of one of our most popular bundles. Keeping the same high standard, but applying new techniques and tricks to give you the most premium and kick-ass presets. The bundle contains a wide variety of bass tones, so you are ready for any style, genre and situation. All the tones are carefully tailored to help you fit in the mix, in the studio or with your band on stage. While enabling you to effortlessly switch between a wide variety sounds. Of course, every instrument and piece of gear is different. Which is why there is also a small guide included on how to tweak the presets to your personal liking.   Last but not least, the bundle comes with 14 custom made IRs. These IRs are exclusive to this bundle and are tailor made for the presets.

This Bundle includes the following presets:

  • Agua Clank
  • Big City Grind
  • Bit Crush Grit
  • C400 Modern Clean
  • C400 Modern Crunch
  • C400 Modern Grit
  • C800 Modern Clean
  • C800 Modern Crunch
  • C800 Modern Grit
  • Clanky DI
  • DI Fuzz Octave
  • DI Modern Clean
  • DI Octave Down
  • DI Octave Up
  • DI Vintage Clean
  • DI Vintage Clean 2
  • DI Vocoder
  • Dingwall-Ish
  • Divided Clank
  • Elektrik Clank
  • ENGL Grit
  • Ingrid Grit
  • Plexi Clean
  • Plexi Crunch
  • SVTClean
  • SVTCrunch
  • SVTGrit
  • Whammy Carnage

Also Includes:

  • Tone Tweaking Guide
  • IR/Preset list

All presets are compatible with Helix/LT/Native/HX Stomp, and are built using stock cabs. You can easily switch any cab block out with third party IR's.


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Gain Structure
Helix: 3.15
Native: 3.15
HX Stomp: 3.15
This Preset is built on studio monitors and headphones and will work as intended on PA/FRFR speakers. If you intend to use it with a cab, remember to turn off any cab blocks.
Yes, the included IRs are exclusive to this bundle and are tailor made for the presets.