Producer's Bass Pack bundle preset for the Line 6 Pod GO

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The ‘Quick’ Producer's Bass Pack

A collection of bass presets crafted for players wanting great bass tones across multiple genres.

Let’s watch a quick movie, shall we?

Chapter 1, Scene 1:

‘Why is my bass tone with the Pod GO not good?’

‘A good craftsman never blames his tools…’


Starting out in the HX world, this is said more often than not. It’s not because of the multitude of great gear offered, it’s just because the puzzle needs to be put together.

The Producer’s Bass Pack has been designed for all players across multiple genres, completing the puzzle for you. If you are a seasoned player and want some new sonic direction, or a player just starting with the HX family and need a strong primer into tone, this pack is a great place to start. Guitar players! Jumping in to the bass pool can be daunting as well. These tones make it easy for those of you playing bass on your projects to have solid, usable, pro tones at your fingertips (feet tips?). No matter what bass you have - passive, active, fretless, pawnshop special, this pack can help.

There are 4 presets in the pack: Pop Life, Magic, Motor City, and Silk. Each preset has 3 snapshots as well that give more depth and texture to each tone as you cycle through.


Pop Life is just that. A little edgy, a little refined, and ready to be heard. It was crafted with a passive bass.

Magic is a preset with a shimmer and power all its own. It was made with the active basses in mind.

Motor City is a take on the slightly overdriven, dirty Motown Sound. This was built around a passive bass with flats (but any bass will do).

Silk is the fretless bass preset that can be used alone or with some added spice for keyboard emulation. Tony Levin was not harmed in the making of this preset.


Included in this pack is the popular Sweet P, which up until now was a stand alone pack. You can add this to your studio arsenal with this pack as a bonus. A new, grittier snapshot has been added.

There are NO IR’s included in this pack, however, there are lots of free ones out there that will add more texture to this pack.

These presets are for the Pod GO, they are NOT compatible with the Helix products!


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Gain Structure
Pod GO: 1.30
This preset can be used either when connected to a PA console / Audio interface / FRFR speaker or to a cabinet.
No, there is no custom IR included with the preset(s) although you may download and use our free IR!