Orchestra bundle preset for the HoTone Ampero & HoTone MP-80 Ampero One

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The Orchestra pack takes your... conventional guitar (or even bass) tone and transforms it into one of the string quartet's instruments! Using custom tailored IRs that capture the unique sound and bowing effect of the Contrabass, the Cello, the Viola, the Violin and the Fiddle.

The Double Bass/Contrabass and occasionally the Cello might work best with a bass (or a guitar with an octaver/pitch shifter) for producing imposing low frequency sound waves, while the Viola, Violin and Fiddle (a different approach to the violin) will convert any guitar melody to a moaning bowed beauty. For BEST results, try an E-Bow.

More specifically the Orchestra Pack includes presets for the following instruments:

  • Contrabass (Double Bass)
  • Cello
  • Viola
  • Violin
  • Fiddle

All IRs already have low/hi cut settings so that they are plug n' play.
CTRL turns on delay linked to BPM settings.
EQ effect can be turned on/off and adjusted to quickly add/reduce bass/treble depending on your instrument or your pickups.
EXP pedal controls the autoswell's attack value.


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Includes Impulse Responses from our Orchestral IR Pack

Gain Structure
Custom IR
HoTone Ampero: 3.8
Ampero Editor: 1.3.0

Works the same for Pink Version and HoTone Ampero One.
This preset is best used when connected to a PA console, audio interface or FRFR speaker as it has cab sim (IR) enabled. If you intend to use it with an amp and cabinet please disable the amp/cab block.
Yes! This preset includes custom IRs for each individual stringed instrument.