A selection of Guitar Cabinets loaded with V30 speakers, made by New Vintage Audio

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Considered as the industry standard, and installed in more cabinets than any other speaker in the world, the V30’s hype has become massive due to the fact that many artists and professional musicians used, and still use it. Being able to handle clean tones with lots of presence and hi-gain riffs with roaring dynamics, the Vintage 30 can do it all. Rhythm, Lead, Rock, Pop, Metal, Fusion, you name it!

Before the Vintage 30, Celestion offered the Greenback for crunchier tones, but quickly acknowledged that it suffers in a higher wattage amplifier. As the need for heavier overdriven tones had arisen, so did the need for a speaker that had dynamic and complex overtones not yet heard in another speaker of its generation.

The Vintage 30 became quickly popular for its mid focused approach. Having a huge difference in bass and treble response compared to the classic Seventy 80, the Vintage 30 has a very tight low-end sound and a slightly attenuated top end for the sound that works great in a band mix. A common criticism is that on its own, a Vintage 30 can sound average at best but in a band mix, a V30 speaker will shine thanks to this mid focused tone.

The New Vintage Audio V30 Lovers IR Pack includes 45 LIVE and 45 STUDIO Impulse Responses from 15 different cab/speaker configurations, with two additional tube variations for each cab/speaker configuration. By using a different power amp for each IR, we decided to make two more IR files by increasing the power amp's tube volume (and accordingly decreasing the fx loop/line out solid state volume) in order to give more color for those that want that tube sparkle and creamy tone!

Some of the most popular mics were selected in order to capture the most natural sound out of each cab/speaker configuration. The M160MD421-II, SM57 and R121 were used so that every IR sounds distinct and unique, displaying the tonal characteristics of the cab and giving the user the vibe he would get as if he was near that cab! Once again, these are plug n' play so you don't need to do anything with the mics, their position or put EQ blocks to make it sound good. Just choose the IR you like and you're good to go!

The NVA V30 Lovers IR Pack includes “LIVE” and “STUDIO” Impulse Responses suitable for different situations:

LIVE IRs are more suitable for live gigs, rehearsals or loud volume in general. They are designed to give a great "amp in the room" feel and will behave like a tube amp (thin at lower volumes but full and round at higher volumes).

STUDIO IRs are more suitable for recording or playing at bedroom level through nearfield speakers or headphones. They are designed to give a balanced tone that also cuts through the mix. They already have Low/High cut filters applied on them so that they are plug n' play.

The concept behind NVA IRs is to enable the player to easily choose the cabinet he likes and immediately start jamming or recording without the feeling that a real cabinet isn't there.


Read our blog to find out how to get the best out of your connection when using IRs.


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This is an IR Pack that can be used wherever it is possible to import an IR file. It works great with amps & preamps, all popular modelers (Helix, Kemper, Axe-FX, Headrush, Mooer, Iridium etc) as well as plugins!
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