This is an IR Pack capturing a custom 1x12 cabinet featuring a V30, made by New Vintage Audio.

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The frequent issue when using an Impulse Response is that the player often doesn't get what he expects and what he might have gotten used to. An Impulse Response usually takes away the "in the room" feeling you get when cranking the volume in front of an amp and feeling the vibrations. Instead it produces the sound of an isolated cab in a different room, same as you probably would do in a recording situation.

Some people may get used to it, and others maybe already have after a lot of recording sessions, but especially to those "converting" to modelling, the transition is usually harsh. Cut frequencies, thin sound, muffled top end are some of the frequent issues they encounter with an IR.

The NVA CUSTOM V30 IR Pack includes “LIVE” and “STUDIO” Impulse Responses of a custom 1x12 cabinet featuring the popular (and also considered the industry standard) V30 speaker suitable for different situations:

LIVE IRs are more suitable for live gigs, rehearsals or loud volume in general. They are designed to give a great "amp in the room" feel and will behave like a tube amp (thin at lower volumes but full and round at higher volumes).

STUDIO IRs are more suitable for recording or playing at bedroom level through nearfield speakers or headphones. They are designed to give a balanced tone that also cuts through the mix. They already have Low/High cut filters applied on them so that they are plug n' play.

The concept behind NVA IRs is to enable the player to easily choose the cabinet he likes and immediately start jamming or recording without the feeling that a real cabinet isn't there.

Read our blog to find out how to get the best out of your connection when using IRs.

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Impulse Response
Custom IR
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This is a Custom IR Pack that can be used wherever it is possible to import an IR file. This IR Pack features “LIVE” and “STUDIO” Impulse Responses suitable for different situations.
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