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The New Vintage Audio Custom Bass IR Pack delivers eight different mixes for bass that are best used on different situations. Whether we use a preamp or an amp sim with the bass, whether we connect to a PA for live or directly to an audio interface for recording purposes, our bass tone serves one ultimate purpose. To fit perfectly in the mix!

Yes, every situation IS different and it makes a whole difference if you have a loud drummer next to you or a “controllable environment” like in a recording session as the final mix is quite different in those cases BUT there is a mix, either way. Using your bass for an acoustic project, or combining it with distortion are two examples where your bass characteristics drastically change! A good IR for the first occasion will not have the best results on the second one. An acoustic mix gives to the bass a lot of space to fill in the low frequencies while a distorted bass sound needs the bass mids in order to shine and it is very frequent to use both the dry and the wet tone in order to maintain the bottom end and not ruin your mix.

The New Vintage Audio Custom Bass IR Pack was created with one and only mission: Be perfect for any occasion. By using mics with vastly different characteristics, the IR Pack is able to provide different mixes and give the bass player the flexibility to adjust according to his needs. More specifically, the Custom Bass IR Pack includes the following IR mixes:

  • The Rock Mix delivers a classic all-around bass tone that is versatile enough to support most pop, rock and metal genres.
  • The Jazz Mix delivers a clearer version of the Rock Mix with more pronounced lows and less mids.
  • The Acoustic Mix delivers a more woody, almost acoustic bass tone that has more presence in a clean mix.
  • The Semi-Acoustic Mix has a portion of the same woody tone but stands out in a Rock Mix as well.
  • The Contrabass Mix delivers a grand concert bass tone that is similar to the frequencies of a contrabass.
  • The Dist1 Mix delivers a mid focused tone that is ideal for adding overdrive or fuzz. Creating parallel paths (while also keeping the dry signal) using this mix combined with an overdrive will give you an aggressive, yet balanced, bass tone.
  • The Dist2 Mix delivers another mid focused tone which also keeps the low frequencies for adding overdrive without using a parallel path.
  • The Active Mix combines the best from all mics to deliver a balanced sound when using active pickups for recording purposes.

NOTICE  — This IR Pack can work without a preamp! If you need more volume, try a clean booster first.

Read our blog to find out why to you use IRs with Bass.

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Custom Bass IR
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This is a Custom IR Pack that can be used wherever it is possible to import an IR file. NOTICE  — This IR Pack can work without a preamp! If you need more volume, try a clean booster first.
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