Modern Bass Suite Lite bundle preset for the HoTone Ampero II Stomp

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All the necessary crunchy and distored bass tones are finally here. Keep your low end tigth and punchy while cutting through the mix without effort! This is a slightly stripped down version of Modern Bass Suite. If you are looking for more features and impulse responses - check the full version.
These presets have been created with a high degree of flexibility in mind, allowing you to achieve varying tones without much effort. Use the Quick Access Parameter feature to adjust your sound with no need to dwelve into the details!


  • Trinity - Aggressive and cutting tone that can be pushed even further with FET Boost. Separated top and low end processing ensures great clarity of tone.
  • NastyM - A (slightly) more classic distorted tone. As the name suggest - it's nasty! Two completely different "Green" and "Red" tones to choose from - with just one footswitch press.
  • OnTheRocks - Classic Ampeg-like tone, that bites hard if you want it to. Enable the pitch-shifter to add additional octave. Set the position with Quick Access Parameter to 0 or 100 to switch from octave up and down.
  • Micro7K - Modern tone that already became a classic. Disable the overdrive to get a slightly pushed clean tone. Try pressing the CTRL footswitch to explore other galaxies :)
  • Overkill - Overdrive pushing an Orange AD200B pre-amp, which drives an Aguilar Tone Hammer pre-amp, which feeds a 6550 valve power amp... That shouldn't work... Yet it works! Disable the initial overdrive for another variation.

    The full version includes also:
  • SteelHammer - Bass and top-end should be processed in parallel for best results. What helps to filter out some of the bottom-end and create some grinding treble attack? Fortin Grind! Wait... That's a guitar pedal. Disable it if you would like to get cleaner tone and experiment with additional EQ which can open the tone even more.
  • ForbiddenOne - This shouldn't have happened, yet - here it is. Completely distorted tone that can tear down walls. It's all thanks to a classic Marshall pedal. You can shape the tone with different switchable EQ pedals... But you can not disable the distortion.
  • DoubleHammer - Heavily distorted tone, with separated bass and treble processing patches. Enable or disable additional boost for even more top-end grind.
  • 39 Impulse Responses from the "Modern Bass IR pack".

Simply import included wav files to your Ampero II stomp using the suggested IR slots. If those are taken by your other IR's - choose any other slot and adjust IR block according to a listing below:

  • MBS-Trinity:
    IR - TRIDENT-44.1, suggested slot - 33, Volume - 70, Low Cut - off, High Cut - off, Resolution - High
  • MBS-NastyM:
    IR - BLUDGEON-ALT-44.1, suggested slot - 07, Volume - 100, Low Cut - off, High Cut - off, Resolution - High
  • MBS-OnTheRocks:
    IR - WARHAMMER-44.1, suggested slot - 36, Volume - 100, Low Cut - off, High Cut - off, Resolution - High
  • MBS-Micro7K:
    IR - SHOTEL-44.1, suggested slot - 30, Volume - 100, Low Cut - off, High Cut - off, Resolution - High
  • MBS-Overkill:
    IR - BROADSWORD-44.1, suggested slot - 09, Volume - 100, Low Cut - off, High Cut - off, Resolution - High

Included IR's have only light low-pass filters pre-applied, allowing you to sculpture your tone even further and reuse the IR's anywhere else.


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Gain Structure
Custom Bass IR
HoTone Ampero II: 1.2.0
This preset is best used when connected to a PA console, audio interface or FRFR speaker as it has cab sim (IR) enabled. If you intend to use it with an amp and cabinet please disable the amp/cab block.
Yes, there are 5 custom IRs included in this bundle!