A collection of Modern Bass IRs, made by Wojciech Piorkowski. Bright and cutting bass tone - a staple of modern rock and metal mix.

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Are your bass muddy and not getting enough presence in the mix? Here is your solution - an IR pack that has been created to provide you the best tools for the task ahead of you.
Every sample have been causiously processed in a way that ensures the best possible results. This pack is not a simple recreation of legendary microphone and cabinet combinations - this is a completely mix ready solution. Low and high pass filters have been applied in such a way that removes unwanted frequencies, yet still leaves you room for further adjustments.

The Modern Bass IR Pack includes 39 Impulse Responses from 12 different Cab/Microphone mixes, with two additional variations:

  • ALT - usually made to sound brigther and punchier, but in cases where that woudl be harmful - mic placement have been altered to get a more mid-focused tone.
  • ZC - IR processed in a way that emphasises impedance interaction between power amp and speaker. Especially usefull when recording or playing without any reactive load being present. Provides fatter bottom end and sparklier top-end.

That all adds up to 36. So where are the 3 missing IRs? The answer is: Ambience impulse responses. Those have been captured from the room microphones. Useful if you want to get a sensation of a cabinet that is placed in a significant distance from you. Try mixing it with a more direct tones or add a bit of a reverb on top to get an obscure "garage band" tone.


  1. BLUDGEON, CAB - Taurus TN-410, Mics - Shure Beta57a + MXL 770
  2. BROADSWORD, CAB - Ashdown MAG-410T Deep, Mics - Shure Beta57a + Shure PG81
  3. FLAIL, CAB - Ashdown MAG-410T Deep, Mics - MXL 770 + Shure PG56
  4. KAMA, CAB - Ashdown MAG-410T Deep + Marshall MB4210, Mics - Sennheiser E835s + Shure PG56
  5. KHOPESH, CAB - Ashdown MAG-410T Deep + Taurus TN-410, Mics - Shure PG81 + Shure PG56
  6. MACE, CAB - Marshall MB4210, Mics - MXL 770
  7. MACHETE, CAB - Marshall MB4210, Mics - Shure Beta57a + Shure SM7B
  8. PIKE, CAB - Taurus TN-410, Mics - Shure PG56 + Shure SM58
  9. SHOTEL, CAB - Taurus TN-410 + Marshall MB4210, Mics - Shure PG81 + Shure SM7B
  10. TRIDENT, CAB - Marshall MB4210, Mics - MXL 770 + Shure Beta57a + Sennheiser E835s
  11.  WARHAMMER, CAB - Ashdown MAG-410T Deep, Mics - MXL 770 + Shure SM58
  12.  ZWEIHANDER, CAB - Taurus TN-410, Mics - Shure PG81 + MXL 770

Read our blogto find out whether to use or not to use Bass IRs.


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Impulse Response
Custom Bass IR
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This is an IR Pack that can be used wherever it is possible to import an IR file. It works great with amps & preamps, all popular modelers (Helix, Kemper, Axe-FX, Headrush, Mooer, Iridium etc) as well as plugins!
hmmm... this is a custom IR Pack