Metal Pack bundle preset for the HoTone Ampero II Stomp

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Have you ever wanted the feeling of finding the sweet spot on your tube amp? This essential metal pack is the result of months of research to find the best booster - amp AND settings combination to give the most dynamic feel and rumble for your guitar in your studio.
The metal pack also includes a preset inspired by Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci.

The Metal Pack includes 4 Custom IRs in a separate folder for your convenience.

The preset pack contains :
- 3 solo presets which have a great feel to help you play faster than ever
- 1 clean and
- 5 cutting edge high gain metal presets for your convenience
- Includes IRs for uncompromised sound quality and
- some factory cab presets for your convenience
- recommended for line, headphones, monitor speakers and studio use.

Thanks to great optimisation and minimalism of the presets, they shall be compatible with all firmware versions. To use IRs just import them into your Ampero II and match with the corresponding preset name.

Grab the possibility to get the most out of Ampero II NOW.
Optimized for use with headphones and stereo (studio, or home) speakers and line in recording.


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Gain Structure
Custom IR
HoTone Ampero II: 1.02
This preset is best used when connected to a PA console, audio interface or FRFR speaker as it has cab sim (IR) enabled. If you intend to use it with an amp and cabinet please disable the amp/cab block.
Yes, there are 4 custom IRs included in this bundle!