Infinite Reverb Freeze Pack Bundle preset for the HoTone Ampero II Stomp

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Explore the endless sea of possibilities created by reverb that can go forever!. No need for looper - play any chord you wish and begin your journey, take it to the destination of your choice by changing the backing reverb with just one tap of a footswitch. There is no need for any additional equipment. Most reverb freeze solutions require at least an external expression pedal, but thanks to the amazing DSP performance of Ampero II stomp we were able to make it work standalone!
All of these presets have been created with a high degree of flexibility in mind, allowing you to achieve varying tones without much effort. Use the Quick Access Parameter feature to adjust your sound with no need to dwelve into the details!


  • RF-Buttery: Beautiful, saturated clean tone that you can drive even further with overdrive if you wish. All of that is being accompanied by a shimmering reverb.
  • RF-Robots: High gain lead tone with a long tail of delay and reverb. But wait! Have you heard those omnious synthetic tones in the background?
  • RF-Quartet: Nothing beats a string quartet that you could command to accompany you! This is the closest that you can get without hiring anyone. What about a lead tone? It's a pretty straightforward clean with additional chorus to make it blend better with backing reverb.

Presets utilize the internal IR files from Ampero II library.


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Gain Structure
HoTone Ampero II: 1.1.0
This preset is best used when connected to a PA console, audio interface or FRFR speaker as it has cab sim (IR) enabled. If you intend to use it with an amp and cabinet please disable the amp/cab block.
No, there is no custom IR included with the preset(s) although you may download and use our free IR!