Strat Pak bundle preset for the Fractal Audio AX8

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Mike Soldano’s infamous SLO-100 amplifier has a legendary status as one of the quintessential high gain guitar amplifiers of the 1980s and onward. Used by the likes of George Lynch, Tom Monda, and for a time, Steve Vai, Avenged Sevenfold, the SLO100 is no joke. This preset models that smooth high gain sound, perfect for cutting through in a live or studio mix, and giving each note you play an unmatched fullness, regardless of the tessitura of your guitar.

Hi-Gain Heaven features 2 presets: a clean tone preset, and a rhythm/lead preset. The clean tone features the SLO100’s full yet sparkly clean tone, decorated by chorus, phaser, and reverb effects. A drive block modeling a T808 is included for some subtle and fluid lead sounds. The rhythm/lead preset features 4 scenes, and the amplifiers XY’d; X is the rhythm crunch, and Y is the glorious lead. See below:


Amp X, Scene 1: dry rhythm tone

Amp X, Scene 2, drive block: Riffs’R’Us

Amp Y, Scene 3: THICC dry lead tone

Amp Y, Scene 4, drive block, delay, reverb: Endless gain lead

This preset is meant to be run DI, FOH, or through a FRFR speaker.


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Gain Structure
AX8: 10.01
This preset is meant to be run DI, FOH, or through a FRFR speaker.
No, there is no custom IR included with the preset(s) although you may download and use our free IR!