Essentials Bundle preset for the HoTone Ampero II Stomp

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Get yourself a free bundle of essential tones for your Ampero II stomp.
All of these presets have been created with a high degree of flexibility in mind, allowing you to achieve varying tones without much effort. Use the Quick Access Parameter feature to adjust your sound with no need to dwelve into the details!


  • A high gain, thrash metal oriented preset inspired by a legendary interplay of a Peavey 5150 and Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer.
  • A versatile setup based on classic Marshall JCM 800 sound, allowing you to go from a crunch to screaming tones in an instant. Try enabling the additional Auto Wah for some funky action!
  • A soothing preset heavily inspired by outstanding Roland Jazz Chorus clean tones. Fancy an ambient sounding guitar? Use the expression pedal to control the delay and reverb, going from just a short slapback to a lush and almost neverending echo.
  • A complimentary 3 in 1 bass preset. Enabling or disabling included overdive and EQ mid scoop can fit your tone into multiple genres. Don't forget to try out the chorus and reverb effects that can be engaged with just one tap of the footswitch.
  • 3 custom IRs created by capturing a variety of cabinets with multiple studio grade microphones.

The IRs are based on:

  • FAT ORNG-CR120 - Orange CR120 2x12 combo, MXL770 condenser microphone have been used to capture the low end response, while Shure Beta 57a and SM7B are responsible for mids and high end.
  • BITE-BGNR212V30 - Semi-open back 2x12 Celestion V30 cabinet powered by a Bogner 40W Class AB tube power-amp. Lows and mids were captured using Shure SM7B and high frequencies - using Shure Beta 57a.
  • SMILE-MB210 - Marshall MB210 combo, captured using Shure SM7B on 10 inch speakers and MXL770 capturing main speakers and tweeter response.

Included IRs do not have any drastic high and low pass filters pre-applied, allowing you to sculpture your tone even further and reuse the IRs anywhere else.


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Gain Structure
Custom IR
HoTone Ampero II: 1.1.0
This preset is best used when connected to a PA console, audio interface or FRFR speaker as it has cab sim (IR) enabled. If you intend to use it with an amp and cabinet please disable the amp/cab block.
Yes, there are 3 custom IRs included in this bundle!