Wojciech Piorkowski
Guitarist / Vocalist / Composer / Sound Engineer

Hermetic Evolution (guitars/synths)

Wojciech was born in Rzeszow, Poland. Some might say that he arrived on this world with a guitar in hand, but that's not the truth. He started his journey with classic guitar at the age of twelve and soon discovered his love for metal music. A few years later he managed to obtain his first electric guitar - a cort X2 and small Laney LX12 combo amp. Wojciech soon realized that if he want to get a "huge" metal tone then he will need to use something to drive his amplifier. Without knowing what to exactly choose he went for a foolproof solution - a cheap multieffect pedal. And with simple Korg AX3G his love for tinkering in details of tone has begun.
That love has driven him to purchasing multiple different amps, modelers, guitars and not much later - his first audio interface. However - the thirst for the perfect tone was still not quenched so he decided to get a proper audio engineering education.
In the meantime Wojciech have played for multiple bands - not only as the guitarist (K.O.D, Hermetic Evolution, Crue, M/Syco), but also as vocalist (M/Syco) and keyboardist (Crue).
Each project he took part in forced him to explore completely new realms of guitar sound and it seems that this journey is going to be a neverending one.

Current Gear:


  • Luthier made telecaster
  • NK Guitars 7 string headless
  • Harley Benton HBZ-2005


  • Hotone Ampero II Stomp
  • Line 6 HX Effects


  • Line 6 Spider Valve 212 MKI (used as the power amp and Celestion V30 equipped cabinet to drive his modellers)
  • Marshall MB4210


  • Nektar Impact LX61

Past Gear (as Wojciech thinks that those devices deserved a shoutout for the years of their service!):

  • Korg AX3G, Digitech RP7 valve, Zoom G2nu, Line 6 POD HD300, Eleven Rack, TC Helicon VoiceLive Play, Fractal Audio Axe Fx
  • Laney LX12, Kustom Quad 65 dfx, Bash Studio Head 100, Peavey Triple XXX, Handbox GMA-100, Randall RD45
  • Marshall MG412, Massacra 412 (later remade to 212), Harley Benton G212 V30
  • Cort X2, BC Rich Kerry King VGT, Epiphone Custom Prophecy SG EX, LTD H-207, Schecter Diamond Series V7, Ibanez RG8, "project guitar" (made with an unknown Squire body and Jackson neck), LTD H-338, Solar A2.7WH, ESP LTD M-1007FR QM




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