Victor Edem Setordjie

Winner of 2018 Yamaha E-band Competition with Nativ Afrik band (Guitar)

Victor Edem Setordjie was born in Keta, Ghana. He always had a passion for music, but started learning the acoustic guitar at the age of 18, when he started his tertiary education.

He learnt most of his first guitar songs and licks on his acoustic guitar while working towards a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. The passion for the electric guitar developed further with time and he got his first electric guitar and pedalboard; the Epiphone Dot (ES 335) and a Boss ME 70.  He later upgraded his pedalboard from the Boss ME 70 to the Boss GT100 and also added on a Fender Am Special Stratocaster guitar.

He has played with Nativ Afrik band (emerging as grand winners of the 2018 Yamaha E-band Competition), The Splash Project, Worship Unlimited, I.C.G.C. Kings Temple band among others.

Some of his inspirations are KODA, Enoch Owuraku Kissi, Prince Matthews, Mateus Asato, John Mayer, O.T. Woode, Selorm Dornyoh, Jack Thammarat, George Spratz  etc.

Victor is currently a PhD Student in Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering while still exploring everything new about guitar and guitar tones. He is also a content creator on YouTube and Instagram

Current Gear:


  • Fender Am Special Strat
  • Epiphone Dot (ES 335)


  • Boss GT 100


  • Fender Princeton Chorus


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