Guido Gori Giorgi
Guitarist / Vocalist

Texarkana (Guitar/Vocals) – Dritto & Rovescio (Guitar/Vocals) – Enjoying 70 (Guitar/Vocals) – New Black Velvet Band (Guitar/Vocals)

Born in Rome, Italy, Guido started playing classic guitar at the age of 8. Just few years later he began playing acoustic guitar and finally his father bought him his first electric guitar in Denmark Street, London: it was a Stratocaster replica made from a brand called Axis.

Starting from that moment he never stopped playing electric guitar.

He played also bass guitar and he started singing at the age of 16.

Many guitarists influenced Guido, most of all Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, Gary Moore.

At the moment he’s a singer and guitarist in many bands that play regularly all around Italy, and with his country band called Texarkana he has also played in Eastern Europe (Lithuania and Poland) and in the USA, where it is planned to come back in spring 2021.

Current Gear:


  • Fender Stratocaster ’57 reissue
  • Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton Signature
  • Fender American Deluxe Power Telecaster
  • Paul Reed Smith McCarty 22
  • Godin XTSA
  • Ovation acoustic
  • Crafter acoustic


  • Hotone Ampero
  • Line 6 Helix LT
  • Line 6 HX Effects
  • Amplifire Box
  • Nux Cerberus
  • Roland GR55
  • Nux MG-30


  • Mesa Boogie TA30 Head
  • Vox MV50 Clean


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