Emil Rohbe
Guitarist / Composer / Producer

Broken Vice (Guitars)

Emil Rohbe is a Swedish musician, guitarist, writer/composer/producer, YouTuber and Amp builder.

Started playing guitar at the age of 11 and never looked back. Studied guitar at Musicians Institute in Hollywood and have worked as a session, live and studio musician in Los Angeles for many years. Now back in Sweden with a passion for guitar tone, amps and playing live with his band "Broken Vice".

Combining amp building and studio skills with a passion for fast guitar playing with wild tones fueld by an ongoing search for the perfect lead tone! I have come some way, owned and played and tested some 50-60 high end tube amplifiers the last few years. Built more than a dozen myself. I know exactly what I like and have developed a good ear for it. Hope you like it too because it's all distilled down into my ToneX captures! Happy to share my collection of amps, amps I have built myself and also IRs with you!

Current Gear:


  • Fender Anniversary American Stratocaster
  • Ibanez 1570 Prestige
  • Fender Stratocaster (Scalloped)
  • Fender Acoustic Guitars
  • Yamaha Nylon Guitar


  • Custom Stereo Delay (Analougue)
  • Keeley 4 Knob Compressor build
  • TS808 Build
  • Boss CS3
  • Tropical Screamer
  • King of Tone Build
  • DOD250


  • Mesa Boogie MKIV Rev A
  • 2X JCM800 Mid 80's
  • SV20
  • Mesa Boogie Quad Pre
  • Mesa Boogie 2:90
  • Mesa Boogie MKIIC+ Clone
  • Echolette s100
  • 1 Watt Hot Rodded Marshall Build
  • Rohbe Amplification MKI
  • Rohbe Amplification MKII
  • Rohbe Amplification MKIV
  • 50W Hotrodded Marshall (Jose Mod)
  • Laney VH100r
  • 2X Bugera 333 (XL)
  • Marshall 30 Watt Hot Rodded Marshall (Jose mod)
  • Acoustic Model 164
  • JCM900
  • 30W SLO30 Clone
  • Marshall 9005
  • 20W SLO Cruch Build
  • VH4 Clone
  • Rohbe Amplification Signature Amp
  • (Stereo Hot Rodded Marshall - IIC+)
  • Stereo 5w Plexi Build
  • Uberschall Clone


  • Pre Rola Greenbacks 4x12
  • V30 + G12T75 4x12
  • Marshall JCM800 G12T75 4x12
  • Marshall JCM800 G12T65 4x12
  • Celestion Creamback 1x12
  • Celestion G12T75 1x12
  • EVM15L 1x15 (2x)


  •  IK Multimedia ToneX


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