Guitarist / Vocalist

Aliko Means Red (Guitars/Vocals) – FACTS (Bass/Guitars)

Aliko is a young songwriter from Zakynthos, Greece. His early influences are  Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, with Queens of the Stone Age , Led Zeppelin as well as Deftones , Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode expanding the soundscapes and harmonic landscapes he likes to explore. 

Currently performing with Aliko Means Red and FACTS, he has also been a guitarist for In the Distance and Mirrorvain. He loves huge guitar riffs as well as atmospheric and lush, cavernous sounds and can never shy away from an interesting reverb pedal.

His main gear is a tweaked red SHS Telecaster and a lot of handmade pedals-including a singular spectral delay he uses on everything. His favourite amp is the Fender Twin Reverb,  and he also loves to employ a unique Marshall-type amp  for his distortions. 

Check out Aliko's bands:

Aliko Means Red - Post Sex Depression

In The Distance - Standstill;Breaks

FACTS - Deep Dive/Shallow Rise

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