Alexander Varslev Dahl
Guitarist / Composer / MA

ÊTRE (Guitars/Composer) – Komposition101 (Founder)

Alexander is born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the age of 15 he picked up the guitar for the first time and never really put it down. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Musicology from the University of Copenhagen, Alexander starts his journey as a musician and a business man. In 2020 he founded Komposition101 to help musicians all over the world with composition and songwriting.

As a guitar player Alexander has always been dabbling in the world of rock & metal. After years of refining his skills and techniques he started the project South Harbour and wrote the first album ‘A Withered World In Colour’ on this own. Since then the love for music has grown to all sorts of genres and styles (classical, RnB, Hip Hop, Lo-fi etc..). But his heart always beats for progressive rock & metal.

Alexander has been a Line 6 user for almost his entire musical life. From the (horrible) Line 6 Spider, to POD HD 500, and have now landed on the Line 6 Helix.

The need for constant improvement and tweaking of sounds and what is possible is endless, and it is an integral part of being a guitar player. Creating tones for different projects and songs, to be able to nail down that exact feeling or idea in your head is vital.

Hopefully Alexander's approach to creating tones, teaching gear, and teaching composition will help you (the musician) to improving your own craft and sound.

Current Gear:


  • Fender Telecaster
  • Fast Guitars ‘Roamer’ (Custom)
  • Ibanez AZ
  • Ibanez RG8 (semi-custom)
  • Ibanez Iron Label Baritone
  • Legator Ghost 8 String


  • Line 6 Helix
  • Headrush FRFR speaker


  • Cubase 10.5
  • Guitar Pro





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