Obsidian Alpha&Omega Pack bundle preset for the Line 6 HX Stomp & Helix/Native

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Push the boundaries of bass tone with the Obsidian Alpha & Omega Pack, a powerful collection of presets and IRs for the Line6 Helix, using by the innovative Obsidian 7000 preamp, which itself is modeled after the esteemed Darkglass pedal. This pedal is known for its versatile range, providing both aggressive distortion and articulate clarity, making it a top choice for modern bassists looking to make a statement. This pack recreates tones inspired by another legendary Darkglass pedal which is the corner stone in many modern bass tones.

Key Features:

Four Snapshot Presets: Explore a dynamic range of sounds with four unique snapshots that showcase the incredible versatility of the Obsidian 7000 preamp. Each preset offers a different aspect of the pedal’s capability, from smooth and refined to aggressively distorted, catering to various playing styles and musical contexts.

6 Mix-Ready Bass IRs: Perfect your tone with 6 custom impulse responses that enhance the natural sound of your bass and the Obsidian preamp. These IRs are engineered to ensure your bass is always full-bodied and mix-ready, whether you’re recording in the studio or performing live.

Versatile Obsidian Tones: Experience the distinctive blend of saturation and multi-dimensional clarity that the Darkglass Alpha Omega is famous for. The Obsidian Alpha & Omega Pack captures this unique sound profile, allowing you to dial in your perfect bass tone with ease and precision.

Seamless Helix Integration: Designed for straightforward compatibility with the Line6 Helix, this pack provides an intuitive user experience, enabling you to access and manipulate your sounds quickly and efficiently. This seamless integration allows for more creative freedom and less time tweaking.

Ideal for Diverse Genres: Whether you play progressive metal, funk, or anything in between, the Obsidian Alpha & Omega Pack is engineered to adapt. Its capacity to handle extreme distortion and delicate cleanliness makes it suitable for a wide array of musical styles.

Dive deep into the sonic exploration with the 'Obsidian Alpha & Omega Pack'. Tailored for bassists who crave the cutting-edge in tone technology, this pack delivers the groundbreaking features of the Obsidian 7000 preamp, ensuring your bass sound is both innovative and impactful.

For bassists dedicated to defining their unique sound, the 'Obsidian Alpha & Omega Pack' offers the tools needed to stand out in any musical arrangement.

All presets are compatible with Helix/LT/Native/HX Stomp.


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Gain Structure
Helix: 3.15
Native: 3.15
HX Stomp: 3.15
This Preset is built on studio monitors and headphones and will work as intended on PA/FRFR speakers. If you intend to use it with a cab, remember to turn off any cab blocks.
Yes, the included IRs are exclusive to this bundle and are tailor made for the presets.