Drummer/ Composer / Sound Designer / Sound Engineer

In The Distance (Drums) – FACTS (Drums/Synths)

Miltos was born in Zakynthos, Greece. He quickly realized that tapping his fingers on his desk was not enough so at age 18 he took up drumming. But that was only the beginning…

His love for the sound of all things would lead him to the Ionian School of AudioVisual Arts, where his experimentation with sound design grew an increasing passion about all sorts of audio generation and manipulation techniques.

His love of film and video game audio would play a major role in shaping his taste, as well as his choice of tools.

Current gear

  • Novation Impulse 49

Favourite VSTs

  • Omnisphere
  • Full Bucket FB-3300
  • Fabfilter Twin
  • Kontakt (all of them)

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